Northern Sea Route – Expectations and realities

Sea route starts from Northern coast of Norway, along the Siberian coast and turns south before Alaska. Northern Sea Route (NSR). From Rotterdam to Yokohama 40% distance compared to via Mediterranean and Suez Canal. Global warming and shrinking arctic ice, NSR is soon open. Newspapers and headlines are preparing us for the scenario where majority

Low-carbon transport chain from mill to port

In future, electric trucks and electricity-driven work machines will cut the CO2 emissions in product transport chains. How much? At what price? When? These are some of the questions to which Steveco intends to find answers in collaboration with research partners. The trend is clear. Customers are more and more interested in how products have

Co-operation between Steveco, Binderholz and VR Transpoint to boost exports of sawn timber

Steveco and VR Transpoint have devised a comprehensive logistics chain for the export transport of sawn timber. The goods delivered from Binderholz’s sawmills operating in Lieksa and Nurmes in Eastern Finland will be concentrated into effective rail carriage to the ports in Kotka and Hamina. The logistics chain from the sawmills to the ship will

Loading Azipods requires professional skill 

Written by Martti Linna A great many large, heavy products are manufactured in Finland and transported by sea to locations around the world. That includes Azipod propellers, manufactured by ABB’s marine industry business and shipped via the Port of Hamina to destinations that span the globe. As an expert in transportation logistics, Steveco is an

Automatic for the People

Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi published new traffic safety and environmental impact reports at the end of September. The reports take a look at the state of aviation, maritime, rail and road in Finland and elsewhere. One of the most interesting themes is the spreading of automation on the roads. As various automatic, driver-supporting systems

Special loading at sea

If there is not drought enough in the port, we can finalize the loading at sea. This week Sterm, Steveco’s subsidiary,  loaded pulp into m/s Saga Fram in Hamina. The pulp is going from Finland to China. During the loading there experienced problems due to the ship’s draft. We found the solution from history: we can

EU Baltic Sea Strategy Picks Up Momentum

The significance of the Baltic Sea to Finland is great – in more ways than one. Over 80 % of Finnish international trade takes place via cargo ships across the Baltic; about half of the country’s imports and 40 % of the exports involve countries in the Baltic Sea Region. Perhaps more surprisingly, about half

Welcome to Logistik 2015 at Kistamässan Stockholm

Welcome to our second event in Stockholm this autumn showing Steveco Logistics Central Eastern Europe and CIS solutions from the Nordic countries. Steveco Logistics will present the One Stop Shop for 3PL – Rail Road and Sea. Welcome to Logistik 2015 at Kistamässan Stockholm We will attend the Nordic´s largest and most business-driven trade show

Meet Steveco Logistics in Sweden

Welcome to our first event in Stockholm this autumn showing Steveco Logistics Central Eastern Europe and CIS solutions from the Nordic countries. 10 September 2015 Business opportunities and logistics: Scandinavia – Eastern Europe case The Swedish International Freight Association, Swedish Turkish Business Network and Transport & Logistik Idag/Transportnet together with Steveco Logistics, JSC “Lithuanian Railways”

Information Highway 2.0

EU directives governing the quality requirements of road traffic safety information and intelligent services will tighten in the coming years. In addition, the road users’ expectations and needs for traffic services have increased. Could Finland’s strong know-how in mobile technology help in the creation of new solutions? – At least Finland’s dispersed population and slow